Thursday, April 14, 2011

Soft Pumpkin Loaf

I love my pumpkin bread, years ago before I started making my own bread, my local Baker's Delight have the pumpkin loaf and I can just eat like that, no butter, no spread, nothing.  This is their cob loaf, but I used to have their loaves, buns...  For some reason though, not all Baker's Delight bakeries do those loaves and ever since I shifted 7 years ago, I can't seem to find those loaves again.

I've been making my own bread for a while and I have been thinking, pumpkin bread....  A lot of recipes use baking powder and they are just not the pumpkin loaves I used to love.

So for the first time, I made my very own pumpkin loaf.  With the pepitas seeds on top as well...

Pumpkin is already sweet enough so I didn't put any sugar in this loaf, and I used direct yeast method.

Mashed steamed soft pumpkin, cooled, about a cup, bit less, mashed really fine.  I used butternut.
Warm scalded milk 250ml
Strong bread flour 550g plus a bit extra depending on how wet the pumpkin is.
Yeast 10g
Salt a pinch
Butter 30g

I used the 500g loaf tin, and this is enough to make 2 loaves. 

Spread seeds on top after first proofing, and spread a bit of flour on top before baking, bake in 190C oven until it's cooked.

It's a soft loaf and rather pleasant.  The most difficult part of making this bread, cutting the pumpkin skin.  I love my pumpkins, but I really hate the skin.  Next time, maybe I should roast the pumpkin with skin on and it might be a bit dryer?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I used to love the BD Pumpkin loaf and so heart broken when they stopped making it. I'll give your recipe a go. Cheers. Xxx