Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Creme Caramel as from His New Book JAMIE DOES

I've never been asked to review any cook books, so this post is not about reviewing a cook book, but rather, my test on some of the cook books I have.

I like Jamie Oliver's recipes and love his passion for fresh food and his passion of introducing no-fuss cooking of fresh produce to as many people as possible.  I've been watching his TV series, and has got some of his books.  I've used some of his recipes, simple, fool proof, and tasty.  I've heard other chefs don't think he's high class enough, but as I'm not a high class cook, dealing with only every day ingredients, his recipes go very well with me and my family.

I've watched his travel and cooking in his Jamie Does series, and was feeling lucky that the cook book was on offer from Woolworths Liquor Store (if I buy 6 bottles of wine....) and this is the first recipe I want to try out....

I've made creme caramels before but Jamie's looked good with the roast persimmons...  I totally love persimmons but it's not in season at the moment and I couldn't figure out what to replace - out of the fridge, I have strawberries, very ripe mangos and grapes, and hubby finished my last sugar banana.  So.... I've decided, just the creme caramel itself...

Jamie's Creme Caramel uses:
6 ramekins.
240g castor sugar
500ml full cream milk
1/2 vanilla bean - I used a whole bean
2 large eggs
2 large egg yolks.
100g water.

I think that's it....  I'm not sure if I can post the whole recipe here, as I followed the recipe almost to the teeth and it was not even an adaption.

The only thing I did different from his intruction was straining the mixture, according to the book, I should strain the cooled milk, sugar and vanilla bean mixture before I add it to the eggs, but I strained after the mixing.  Old habit die hard, and this was how I used to make them.  Another thing is my old oven is not up to the speed and I actually need to go for an extra 10 minutes than Jamie's instruction.

The creme caramel was a hit with me, my dad and hubby... Children were never too keen on the caramel part unfortunately, their loss.

It was silky, smooth and hits every note.

I have got an eye on the Tarte Tartin recipe in the book, maybe I will try it soon, when I can be bothered to make the puff pastry....


  1. I would say that this recipe is a winner. Great pics. Jaime does have some really good recipes out there, nice choice from the book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The photos make the dessert look so good, I love caramel and I think this would be perfect for dessert next weekend! Thanks for sharing