Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Bread Loaf Tin for A Nice Sandwich loaf and Bakeware Shop

This loaf was made from the Biga Method, but I did dig up the book from Julia Child about how to bake the sandwich loaf without the lid.

She had the sandwich loaf recipe, which I use sometimes. The major problem for baking sandwich loaf at home is not the recipe, but the bread tin.

It's hard to find a proper bread tin in Melbourne.  Especially for someone who works full time, a lot of professional stores don't open during the weekends.  I was able to make my way to Marg and Marees in Heidelberg, which is the closest specialist shop to my home, 2 weeks ago, and bought 2 loaf tins, proper bread tins that are high enough to make proper sandwich loaf with square top.

I bought the 500g and 600g loaf tin, however there's only lid to fit the 700g tin.  I don't intend to make big loaves because the children don't go through their bread that quickly and I prefer my rustic sourdoughs.

The 500g loaf tin is prefect for the Biga Loaf, and it's tall enough for me to use the Julia Child method although I didn't have a brick.

In her book, she said cover with foil, add a baking tray on top and then a brick.  I added 3 heavy bread tins instead.

The result is good enough.  Meanwhile, I'm still hunting down a lid for my tin....  I do find the biga loaf, texture wise, not the best for this type of shape.

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