Sunday, April 17, 2011

Edible Savory Containers - Daring Cook's Challenge April 2011 - Part II

I haven't made pies for a while, but since it's an edible container, pies, the one of the oldest "take away" boxes, I can't help making pies, for this challenge.

A proper pie for 1, in Australia, is puff pastry top, and short crust pastry bottom, with fillings in there, which can be beef mince, veggies, chicken, whatever. 

I came across some of the cute pie tins on sales, bought some, and it's time to make some proper size pies, using muffin tins usually give me smaller than normal pies. 

For the pastry, I resulted again in Maggie Beer's recipe,

her rough puff pastry.

and sour cream pastry.

I made 2 different sizes, the small ones I used my trust worthy silicon muffin tin, just the right size for party pies, for the children.  I used very simple ingredients, beef mince, diced potatoes and peas and corn.  Flavour was simple as well, passata and worcestershire sauce.

For the adult pies, I used chorizos, kalamata olives, onions, beef mince, pasley, dill, green chilli, potatoes, peas, corns and apart from passata and worcestershire sauce, I added a tiny bit of cumin powder and paprika, just to give it a bit of kick.

The filling was cooked and then cooled.
Once pies were made (bottom with sour cream pastry and top with puff pastry), brush on egg wash.

Bake in 190C oven for 30 minutes or till golden brown, top pastry puffed up.

I must say that the pastry was soooo lovely, and children loved their pies, and we loved ours!

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  1. That looks lovely and thank you for reminding to post before I get turned out of the Daring Cooks Club :)