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I'm a mother of 2, 5.5 year old Monique and 12 year old Luke, a part time step daughter Bianca who comes around every second weekend... All children so far are One Direction Fans. Full time working, part time studying, I'm busy most of the time... I love shopping, I love clothes but I also love making food... and entertaining friends...and of course I love my husband and kids :-) I live in a quiet suburb in Melbourne East, we have a dog and my children love to play with him... Cooking for him can be fun as well... like my children, he's a fussy eater.. Hmm... I love music and I love sewing... I hope I can share my interests with others...

I love to be able to travel the world one day, hopefully with my children and taste all the food around the world...  Most of my recipes are my own, and some from mum, friends, my mother in law, and some adapted from fellow bloggers, recipe books...

I started baking and making bread because I want preservative free food for my children... so whenever I can, I always try to cook from scratch... well, I do use canned tomatoes....

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  1. Very Rich Dark Chocolate Glazed Tart with Profiteroles

    Hi Pink Piglet,
    Love your blog and the Chocolate Glazed Tart with Profiteroles.
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