Friday, April 15, 2011

Edible Savory Containers - Daring Cook's Challenge April 2011 - Part I

Thanks to Renata of Testago, Provado e Aprovado! and Evelyne of Cheap Ethinic Eatz we have a very imaginative challenge this month with a task to design Edible Savory Containers.  The original recipe guide is here, but it's open to all ideas!

How much fun is that... Loads of ideas, traditional ones, including spring rolls, rice paper rolls, wraps, pita pockets, pies, pasties, pamesan baskets....

The first part of the challenge, I did bread.  Well, after all, I love bread making.

Instead of making 2 Pumpkin Loaves, I made some Pumpkin Buns for my Roast Pumpkin Smoked Salmon Salad with Honey Lemon Dressing.

Buns were shaped and proofed again in my pie tins and spread on the pepitas.

They were then sliced and hollowed out.  I kept the lids.

Plating up, and they were cute...

Pumpkin in pumpkin?  But I love pumpkins....


  1. Mmm, bread bowls are the perfect bowl. Great recipe!

  2. Pumpkin in pumpkin sounds great to me, too! Your homemade pumpkin buns look so soft and delicious, I love the seeds on top, and as an edible container it is just perfect! You did an amazing job! Thanks for participating!