Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Cake with The Lot, Joconde Imprime, Chocolate Bavarois, Berry Jelly, Macarons, Cream and Chocolate Bark

This is the cake with the lot, for the BBQ party last Saturday.  And a lot of pain.  Not from the Berry Macarons, not from the Joconde Imprime or the Milk Chocolate Bavarois, but the jelly, the easiest one to do!

Thanks to the Daring Baker's Challenge in January, my last cake of this type was a crowd pleaser in the last BBQ party.  This time, we have a much bigger crowd so I'm thinking of a larger cake.  I made the wrapping slightly taller and instead of the dark chocolate, I used milk chocolate this time, with a bit less sugar in the bavarois cream.

Another plan, well, initial plan was to make mixed berry mousse to set on top of the bavarois.  I made enough berry coulis for the mousse and butter cream (of course the butter cream didn't work out).  It was a last minute decision to make jelly instead of mousse.

For some reason, it went over the cake and spilled, leaked out of the cake...  I'm not sure if it was because I forgot to line the baking paper inside the ring....  and I was sooo depressed at the time, the butter cream and the jelly, I almost threw the cake to the wall...

Hubby calmed me down.  It might not be the prettiest cake because the joconde is soaked with jelly a bit, so part of the cake looked a bit more purple than the other, it was already late at night,  I started the whole gig a bit too late in the afternoon, juggling between macarons, joconde, bavarois and dinner, the party is mid day the Sunday, there was probably not much time to make another one if I need to set the bavarois, jelly or mousse, or whatever.

And I needed some sleep, as hubby put it.

So, bright and not so early the Sunday morning, after a batch of pancakes for breakfast, I felt it's time, to get the cake up to something presentable.

I whipped some cream with a bit of cocoa powder and a bit of red and blue food colouring to cover the cracks and make some pattern, so the different colours of joconde wouldn't be so obvious, and there was some where to stand the macarons.

Temperred some chocolate (70% cocoa dark chocolate) with some of the berry butter cream melted together, and spread on silicon mat, made some patterns and got some chocolate bark...

It doesn't look so bad after all..

And no one at the cake suspected there was a major drama about the cake...  They loved it, bavarois was light, macarons are nice, and not so heavy after so much meat from the Barbe...  Have promised our friends will try harder next gathering...

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  1. Wow! that is one impressive cake and you need to try harder next time? I am already impressed!