Friday, March 11, 2011

Simple White Loaf with Olive Oil

I love baking.  I have cut back baking a lot of sweets this year, but I do have excuses to bake bread - after all, it's a staple. After hearing all the stories about some bread keep the shape with out any mould for months in room temperature, I do start to wonder how many preservatives the shops and factories put into the bread these days?  In the name of bread improver?

I usually make the children's sandwich bread using egg, milk and butter, but I have been using olive oil, and water, and the result is pretty good.

It's a small loaf as it's only for the children.

300g bread flour
170g water
30g olive oil
1 tsp salt
5g yeast

That's all it is.
I just love it when I'm able to provide my children they love to eat for school lunch.

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