Monday, March 28, 2011

Macaron Season Again? The Berry Chocolate Ganache Macarons...

Yes, I'm making macarons again.

As I have to age the eggs 4 days ahead, well, I usually do that for macarons, never take any chances with the egg whites, I have got my vision of berry flavoured macaron this time.

Not quite what I imagine to be.

This time, I adapted from Cecile Cannone's MACARONS.  I love shopping from Amazon, not only I can get books so much cheaper and so many more varieties than the book shops in Melbourne, but also cooking tools like cannoli cones, jelly icing colours... so much fun.

I was trying to re-create a mixed berry colour.

Macaron Shells:

3 large egg whites, aged 3-4 days at least and bring to room temperature with lid open the night before baking.
150g icing sugar
60g castor sugar
108g almond meal
15g cocoa powder
some drop of Wilton Jelly Food Colouring - Burgundy.


I had all the intention to make berry butter cream fillings, but it didn't work out well.
I made the mixed berry coulis, whisked the eggs with sugar and slowly cooked it, as the book suggested, but for some reason, when I went to whisk the cold butter, and slowly added the berry mixture, it never mixed together.

This is what I did for the fillings:
2 heap tbsp of berry butter cream
80g dark chocolate
70ml thickened cream.

Heat up the berry butter cream together with the fresh cream, melt the chocolate and here is the berry chocolate ganache.

Looks like my chocolate saved the day again.

I made macarons last Saturday afternoon for a party on Sunday, our family's job was to provide dessert, and of course I couldn't just bring the macarons, even though I knew, the host family, our dear friends absolutely love macarons and they loved Cecile's book last time they visited us!

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  1. I love the color of your macs, so pretty and pink. This makes me want to make some pink macs! Nice job!