Monday, March 14, 2011

Home Made Yoghurt with Cranberry Sauce

I love home made yoghurt, it has a different texture and so much nicer.  I normally just make plain yoghurt, and add on home made jam or sauces, or sometimes just drizzle with honey.

Plain yoghurts are in cakes and other dishes when yoghurt is needed, so it makes sense to make plain ones.  I've posted how I make my yoghurt, but nowadays, I usually make 1 litre at a time.

It's simple to make yoghurt at home, the method is here.

For the cranberry sauce, it's a sweet sauce but not as thick as jam as I didn't use gelatin.

Soak dry cranberries in some sherry over night.
Add enough water to cover and raw sugar (or white sugar).
Add some mixed spice powder and cinnamon, reduce to thickish consistency.

It's nice as a snack or part of breakfast.


  1. I really do need to make my own yogurt. I am so sick of how sweet everyday yogurt is here. Even if I buy "lite" it has a ton of artificial sweeteners. I like my yogurt nice and tart and I guess homemade is the way to get it. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. The Shop yoghurt has artificial acid added here and setting agents, especially for the lite version. I haven't been making yoghurt for a while and tried 3 times to get the proper yoghurt, off the shelf for the yoghurt culture. Hubby bought one tub that was lite, and totally no culture at all. They set the yoghurt with starsh and gelatin. Cheeky yeah? hehe. But for some reason, my children have got used to the artificial yoghurt :(

  3. I always make yogurt at home.. once a week I make an entire gallon and we eat it up within days. Most of the time we eat it plain, but for my little one I add in fresh berries and she just loves it.