Sunday, August 1, 2010

Orange Macarons with Chocolate Orange Ganache

I got my new book - I love Macarons and I decided to have another go at the family's new found fav...

This time, orange coloured macaron shells with dark chocolate and orange flavour...

300g Icing Sugar
200g Almond meal
150g Egg Whites
80g White Sugar
1 drop of red food colouring
1 drop of yellow food colouring

150g Lindt’s Orange 70% Dark Chocolate
100g Cream
2 tbsp Marmalade

Sift icing sugar and almond meal.
Whisk egg whites (separated 3 days ago) to firm peak, slowly add in white sugar till glossy.
Add in food colouring and keep whisking.
Blend in sifted almond meal and icing sugar, put in piping bag and pipe onto baking trays lined with silicon baking matts.
Wait for 1 hour for crust to form.

Heat oven to 200C and then reduce to 140C
Bake for 23 minutes.

Make ganache:
Boil cream, pour over chopped chocolate and mix well.

Wait until room temperature and add in marmalade.

da da.....

Really glad that the liquid food colouring worked well this time, I do have the powdered colourings, and next batch, I'm thinking, maybe the green tea powder... something oriental?

Anyway, these ones do disappear very quickly...