Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Easy Alternative Lunch Box Option - Sushi Hand Rolls

Most of the boy's lunch boxes are just sandwiches, he doesn't like a lot of things including pizzas, flavoured breads etc.

So when the chances come to do something different in a lunch box, I will.  Last Sunday the 13 year old had to do a dress rehearsal for her Calisthenics Comp in the State (In Australia, it's not just simple exercises, Calisthenics is popular amongst the girls, it is a female competitive performing art featuring elements of rhythmic gymnastics and ballet combined with a strong emphasis on theatricality (both musical and dramatic), costume, dance and musical interpretation.

So she needs to bring a lunch, and we don't have any bread left...

How about Sushi?  Of course she said, she loves sushi and I don't get a lot of chances to make her lunch box - she lives with her mum most of the time.

Sushi, can be fiddly, and can be quick, depends on what you want to do, I chose to do the hand rolls because it's easier for the children.  I have some cucumbers and some smoked salmon, which made it rather easy.  I don't really like the idea of making fresh fish sushi as the requirement for freshness is quite strict, but with smoked salmon, it's safer. 

I normally just cook plain rice for sushi, best to use fresh cooked rice, but if you are in a rush to make them in the morning, I guess the short cut is to cook the rice the night before, keep it warm in the rice cooker, or reheat rice with microwave from fridged rice, not the best, but it does take a while for rice to cook in the morning (I know I know, not authentic enough hehe)

Add sushi vinegar (Japanese rice vinegar) and bit of sugar, break down the rice whilst cooling it, smoked salmon is pretty salty already and there's no need for extra salt in the rice.

Have a bowl of water with a bit of rice vinegar, to wash hands in case it gets sticky, lay the cooled rice carefully on the sheets, leave about 1" on top blank and tap with a bit of water, put in the fillings

and roll.... Squeeze a bit hard by the time it's formed the roll with the bamboo sheet...

and cut in half to fit into the lunch box (it's winter and I made them around 9:30 in the morning for B to take it for lunch, I'd recommend ice pack in the lunch box if in warmer days with vegetarian varieties)

Simple.... and both girls like it....

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