Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kalamata Olives & Greek Yoghurt Sourdough Loaf

Ever since I learned how to make sourdough breads from Susan of Wild Yeast Blog, I'm hooked on sourdough... and so are my friends... 

Thanks Susan!

Please refer to Susan's step by step guide on Sourdough Starter from scratch

At the meantime, I'm happy with my Kalamata Olives & Greek Yoghurt loaves, made using my starter, which is 100% hydrate starter

Kalamata Olives & Greek Yoghurt Sourdough Loaf
80g Sour dough starter
1 tbsp salt
100g Greek Yoghurt
500g strong bread flour
200ml water
50ml Olive Oil

Mix all ingredients and knead well.

Knead for 6 minutes and stand for 30 minutes, repeat 6 times. The dough should be pretty wet, but will be able to knead to elastic through the process.
Add olive oil around the bowl and cover with damp cloth to prove until double sized.
Shape dough into desired shape and prove again till double sized.

Bake in 230C oven for 20-25 min.

I made 3 small loaves.

I've been using only small amount starters in my recipes because I'm making the bread over night.... and it's cold in Melbourne, you can't rush breads...

Submitting to Yeastspotting again...

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