Monday, May 31, 2010

Cantonese Style Roast Duck and White Chocolate Macarons.

I did start the duck process the night before.

Even though I know I won't be able to replicate a proper roast duck due to the oven limitations, it's still nice to know if I can do a nice duck at home...
We only bought a small duck, small family, that's enough for us.

The night before, I rubbed the inner side of the duck with Hoisum sauce, placed inside some spring onion and sliced ginger and sealed it with a skewer.

Boiled in my wok, a mixture made up of white vinegar, 5 spice, bit of shaoxin, light soy and 2 tbsp of Maltose (well, could be more, it's really sticky and hard to count!)
And then I hold the duck over the wok with simmering sauce and bathed it with the sauce with a spoon, coat it again and again, for about 10 minutes (I did get sore arms doing that)

And then, I left it on the rack to dry, before I can hang it up on a hook in the kitchen - well the commerical kitchens will have more airy spots and won't take that long to dry out!
High heat before dinner, and this is what the bird looks like, roasted on rack though... so it has got the rack marks, even I did turn the bird...
Anyway, we had happy campers for dinner... and I had enough time to do the macarons...
This time, plain macarons....
With white chocolate & coconut ganache:
250g white chocolate
100ml thickened cream
25g butter
1/2 cup desiccated coconut...

And they look delicious.... and I guess, more macarons to come in the coming weeks?


  1. You are so brave for cooking a whole duck! And it looks absolutely fab! Job well done.

  2. The duck looks amazing!!! I love roast duck and being that I'm half Chinese I have eaten my fair share of it but I have never attempted to make it. I should make this for my mom it would knock her socks off. :)

  3. This looks fantastic! Cooked to perfection! :)

  4. I love duck but don't have it as often as I'd like. I really want to try this recipe. It sounds fantastic!!