Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wedding Anniversary Present - A Lovely Night - The U2 360° Concert with Jay-Z

We had this plan every year, for our wedding anniversary, we will have a night out with out the children, have a nice meal in town.

We didn't plan much this year, and wasn't sure when we can plan our time, until hubby rang up and telling me that he got some tickets for the U2's Melbourne concert, last Friday - yesterday that is.

And the guest singer is Jay-Z.

Well. What more do you want, it just came in at about the right time, well, 2 weeks too early, but that would do very nicely. 

We had the children organised, and off we go....

It's truely a night to remember, wonderful music, stage setting, and I'm lost with words to explain...

The concert started with Jay-Z...

The huge stage setting for U2:

and we had 2 hours of unforgetable treat by U2.....

Simply the best wedding anniversary we had so far, even there was no food involved!


  1. WOW even with no food involved this post caught my eye bc I am a BIG U2 fan! Lucky gal that you got to go to this concert! :)

  2. Thanks... I was sooo happy to get the tickets... We didn't get the best seats... and I was told Bono looked a bit tired this time, but never the less... U2 is forever!