Sunday, December 26, 2010

Party Food for the 4 Year Old Birthday Party....

Monique was suppose to be born on the 25th of December.  However, due to a lot of things happenning that time, we decided to take up the option of elective C-section and she was born 4 days earlier.  Her birthday party has been a clash with Christmas celebrations none the less.

However, it's still up to us to make an effort that her birthday is not all forgotten.  She didn't have a big party, just a couple of kinder friends, and some family friends.

They had fun, had the games, music chairs, pass the parcel, penyata, colouring ins...

Monique is a massive Thomas the Tank Engine fan... Apart from ordering a Thomas cake, she also got her train shape penyata... Not that girlie isn't she.

I just found a lot of excuse to do the party food.

Apart from the normal potato chips, cheezles, lollies, we had the 3 coloured fruit jellies, layers of Lime, Raspberry and Mango.

We had a lot of Croissants.  I used the easy over night recipe, and every one loved them.  I will update a proper recipe for croissants later.

The other type of party bread on offer is the Pigs in Blankets.  However due to one of the child having allergy of egg, dairy and nuts, I used magerine instead of butter and left the egg out of the recipe, also used the gelatine sugar wash instead of egg wash.

We had chilled lemon cheese cake slices, which I might update a recipe later on when I have more time.

And the last but the most effort and most painful, as I am just not good with colours and icing and cake decorations, the Thomas Tank Engine Cake...

I used Margaret Fulton's simple butter cake recipe, but added cocoa powder for the cake, and used her moulding icing recipe.  However, I found the liquid colours from super market here is the killer for the cake, as it has made the icing so runny.   And as I haven't got black, trying to make black, and the proper red was a major major task, and I still end up with runny icing! 

Oh well, I have since bought some Wilton icing colours from Amazon and I am patiently waiting for the shipment to arrive from America....  I will definitely practice more then.

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