Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Poach to Perfection - December Darinng Cook Challenge, Poached Egg on Poached Salmon & Prawns Salad with Lemon Herb Vinegarette Dressing

The December Daring Cook Challenge is very versatile, hosted by Jenn from Jenn Cuisine, and Jill  
(jillouci), it's all about the poaching technique.

Please refer to the original recipe for the challenge here.  

However, I thought I should be a bit cheeky and do an all poaching dish - it's summer here in Australia, and a nice light summer salad for dinner with loads of lean protein and fresh vegies, is just what we need.

Poached Egg on Poached Salmon & Prawns Salad with Lemon Herb Vinegarette Dressing:

Serve: 2

2 fresh eggs, free range eggs preferred.
2 x 250g skinless salmon portion
16 Green Banana Prawns (these are native to Australia, any medium size prawns will do)
buffalo mozzarella - 200g
1 Cos Lettuce heart
bunch of baby radish, cleaned and sliced

Fresh dill
Fresh mint
Dijion mustard (I used the smooth version, seeded version can be used)
Juice of one lemon
olive oil

Prawns were poached first, in water only with shell on, then they are cooled and de-shelled.
Separate the lettuce and sliced radish into 2 dinner plates.
Add prawns to the vegetables. 
Shred the buffalo mozzarella (it's a treat for us as we don't usually have it, if there's no buffalo mozzarella, ricotta cheese or good Greek Fetta cheese will do)
Then I poached the salmon, in vegetable stock with white wine, onion halves and carrot.

Shredded salmon into rough chunks after poaching and add to the dinner plates.
The last bit of poaching is the eggs.  They were poached individually in the swirl of water, in low heat on stove top. I liked them runny so it only took 2-3 minutes?  Add them onto the top of the pile.
Then I made the vinegarette and drizzle onto the salad.



  1. Everything looks perfect! Love the egg best:D

  2. It's summer here in Brazil too, so this is very appropriate! Love your idea! Great job on the challenge!

  3. Oh love it! A lovely poached dish!

  4. This is so cool! I love how you turned the poached egg into a whole salad. Great job on this challenge!