Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Steamed Christmas Pudding... Julia Child Way

I found this recipe on the internet a while back, for a plum pudding, by one of my favourite cook book writer Julia Child. 

So finally, it's time to give it a try.

There are some small changes.

I soaked the fruits in cherry liqueur and sherry for about a week, before using this recipe, and added some grated apple.

I didn't actually put the mix direct into the mixing but wrap it in cloth, it's easier for me to get it out and hang it in the pantry to dry later - for about a week or so, I was such a bad organiser with Christmas Lunch and didn't get time to do my pudding until really really late!

It's a nice pudding, moist and flavoursome, and so easy to make.  

I didn't make the sauce, MIL always makes the best brandy sauce and she brought us some for the lunch!


  1. I heard so much about Christmas pudding but never try making it. Does it taste like fruitcake?

  2. it's more moist... yes it is like a very rich fruit cake... However I use flour for fruit cakes, not bread crumbs.

  3. My English relatives always serve this for Christmas - I guess it's an English tradition - and they top it off with cream... it's really tasty!

  4. It's very English indeed... and it has become the tradition here in Australia and we always seem to have plum pudding, turkey and ham for Christmas. Must say hubby's family came from England, although MIL's family trace back from both England and Scotland...