Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Stollen - December Daring Baker's Challenge

Oh how we love Christmas cakes and breads! Every year we have to have the rich fruit cake, stollen and the panettone.  I normally would make a rich fruit cake and buy the rest of the other cakes, but thanks to Penny from Sweet Sadie's Baking, the December Daring Baker's challenge is a lovely stollen wreath!

I love making breads and cake like breads and everything Christmas and was sooooo happy to get the recipe!

I didn't use mazipan, but I did use almond flakes and lots of icing sugar.  Please note because the recipe is of a large quantity, I only used half of the amount required.

Soaking the fruits in mixed liqueur over night.  Mixing the dough.

Proof the dough.

Spread out the dough into a square-ish sheet.

Roll up and curl it up, use a bowl in the middle to help the second proofing into the right shape.

Cut the outer sides for the shape, sprinkle on the almond flakes.

After second proofing.

Brush with butter and dust with icing sugar when it's baked...



  1. wow, so that's how you make stollen....I have never made it but certainly have enjoyed it!
    Thanks so much for an informative post!

  2. Beautiful stollen! Great job on this month's challenge, you rocked it!

  3. Thanks... I should've made some mazipan and roll it in as well... there's always next time :) I guess we don't have to wait till next Christmas to make it again hehe.