Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mocha Date Loaf... Lovely Sweet Bread

I had some left over chocolate sauce from the Chocolate Pear Pudding I made last week.  I guess when scaling down the recipe, there are some not quite right moments.

What do I do with the chocolate sauce?  How about use it in the bread I make for hubby's brekky?

Mocha Date Loaf

50g Chocolate Sauce (from Chocolate Almond Pear Pudding recipe)
350g Strong Bread Flour
1 table spoon good quality instant espresso coffee (I use Moccona, however if chocolate sauce was made from scratch, properly brewed espresso coffee would be preferred)
80g chopped dates
7g dry instant yeast
10g Butter (there's already some butter in the chocolate sauce and sugar)
1 tiny pinch of salt
160ml warm milk
1 large egg

The bread making part is just as same as other breads, and I do prefer the activate the yeast with the milk first and stir into the dry ingredients, add chocolate sauce and light whisked egg - keep a tiny little bit for egg wash before baking.  After I formed the rough dough, in goes the dates.

It's a pleasant brekky loaf, not over powering, and great as toast with a bit of butter.

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  1. Great looking loaf. I do miss my Moccona coffee and always pick up a large jar when I make a trip to Australia. I think I may try throwing this in my bread maker.