Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chicken & Chorizos Gumbo, My Attempt of May Daring Cook's Challenge - Let Good Times Roll

Denise from There's A Newf in My Soup challenged all of us to do an old times dish, a classic gumbo.  I chose to use chicken and chorizos because of my allergy to seafood - what a bad allergy, well, it's not deadly, just uncomfortable, enough for me to limit eating my favourites to the very minimum amount.

The recipes for different gumbos, chicken & smoke sausages, seafood and vegan, and their methods are here.

I used mainly what I have in the pantry:
1 chicken,
2 chorizos
several sprigs of parsley
1 onion
2 cloves of garlic
2 green chilli
1 egg plant
2 zucchinis
4 button mushrooms
2 tomatos
Plain flour
canola oil and chicken fat (dripping)

For the spice mix:
All spice powder
smoke paprika
cajun powder
cracked black pepper

Made the roux first, and then stir in the onion garlic and chilli.

Stir in the chicken pieces with spice mix.

Simmer and wait...

It was lovely.  We ate with rice, but somehow I thought the bread roll might looked a bit more decorative in the photo than white rice....

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