Sunday, September 5, 2010

Father's Day, The Cake to Say I Love Daddy

I watched Emmanuel Mollois made the pretty pretty Le Papillon on Wednesday....  and it looked soooo good....  original recipe by Denis Ruffel.

So I decided to do something for fathers day, for dad and hubby...  the 2 fathers in my family.  My father in law passed away a couple of years ago...

That cake is basically a layered chocolate mousse cake, and you can use any fruits in season... hmm... on hand, I have got loads of citrus... it's Spring now, still no stone fruit yet, a lot of oranges from last Autumn and I even made tangelo marmalade out of some.

And I thought the butterfly the Le Papillon might be just a bit too girlie for the fathers, and since I have left over egg whites from the sabayon, I decided not to waste it and use it for some macaron batter... soo....

This is my Le Papillon, the cake does have a couple of butterflies, teddy bear and love hearts....

As the cake takes 2 days, I made the cake yesterday afternoon and decorated it today...

The Biscuit
100g almond meal
80g icing sugar
50g egg (1)
80g egg yolks
150g egg white
20g caster sugar
62g corn flour
32g cacao powder
35g melted butter

Sugar Syrup
100g water
135g caster sugar

Other Fillings:
250g home made marmalade
Chopped Oranges, 1 normal orange, 1 blood orange
100g crushed wafer

The Chocolate Mousse - the filling
80g egg yolk
100ml sugar syrup
400g dark chocolate - 70% cocoa - Lindt's, 100g plain, 300g Lindt's Orange
750g thickened cream

Chocolate Ganache
300g dark chocolate 70% cocoa - Lindt's
100ml milk
300ml thickened cream
4 tbsp castor sugar
125g butter

Pink Macarons in different shapes and letters.

The Biscuit - this is from the recipe provided by Emannuel and I didn't cheat!  Check the link to the original Le Pipillon if you want to make it and not sure..  it's a very nice soft and delicious sponge with no raising agents other than the eggs...
Blanch together the almond meal, icing sugar then add the egg and the yolks and mix until ribbon consistency. In a separate bowl whip the egg white then add the caster sugar at the last minute. Incorporate the egg white to the egg mixture, then sieve together the cornflour and cacao powder and add to the mix. Add the melted butter and mix in. Cover two oven trays with grease proof paper and spread the mixture evenly over the trays and cook for ten to twelve minutes at 180°C. Take the trays out of the oven and let them cool. Put a piece of baking paper on top and turn the biscuit over and remove the baking paper from the bottom. Cut three discs out of the biscuit; one the size of your mould, one smaller then the first and the third smaller than the second.

The Sugar Syrup
To make the syrup, bring the caster sugar and water to the boil, turning off when it gets to the boil. This syrup will be used for a number of different stages in the original cake but the lazy me only used it once.

The Chocolate Mousse
Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie (a double boiler or on very low heat in a saucepan), in the meantime whip the cream and reserve it in the fridge. Mix the yolk and the sugar syrup together (this is called the sabayon) and beat until it has thickened a little. This is ‘the blanch’ and it starts the cooking process of the eggs. Then put it in a saucepan and cook it on the stove whisking all the time for about six minutes until it has thickened and reached a stage that it just holds a ribbony shape.  Continue to whisk it till it is cooled, it will hold for about 15 minutes after it has cooled.

In a large bowl, add the melted chocolate to the whipped cream then gently fold the sabayon, (the egg and sugar) into the chocolate and cream. **Note: this is best done with two people. The warm chocolate needs to be poured into the whipped cream as quickly as possible and onto only one position in the cream otherwise the cream may split. - However, I did achieve this by myself (yes hubby is standing by in case of disaster, but I found that I can do it with the bench top mixer, I just whip the cream last....  it does make me feel guilty when I asked hubby to help out making his own cake lol...

Cut the oranges into small pieces. Coat one side of all the discs with the marmalade. I didn't have a dome cake tin so I used a square tin, bit afraid of not able to get the cake out so I lined it with cling film...   Put some of the chocolate mousse inside the mould and put the first layer of sponge cake/biscuit, the put some orange pices and add more mousse, repeat the process to get the second layer in and the oranges and mousse and then spread some of the crushed wafers, 

and the large biscuit disc and voila this cake goes in the freezer overnight.

The Next Day
Make the Chocolate Ganache. The original recipe called for Masse a Glace which I don't think I'm able to find within short period of time, so I used the old ganache method....  Boil cream and milk and butter, mix well with sugar and pour over chocolate bits to melt, stir until it has got shiny ribbony smooth look, let cool a little.

Take the cake out of the freezer and unmould it by warming the metal tin a bit and slide the cake out. 

Line the cake tray with foil (I haven't got anything bigger than the cake carrier for this cake, so I have to line the foil, it's very big cake actually and I wouldn't be able to use Emmanuel's method to lift the whole thing, and pour over warm chocolate ganache, because it's not a dome cake like the original recipe, I have to use the spatula to smooth out the ganache from the centre to the sides and make sure all sides are covered by ganache...

I baked the macarons so they are on the cake, and sides...... I wasn't the best with piping but some how Monique still recognised the love hearts, and teddy bear and the butterflies on the sides...  and of course, I love Daddy... I feel like I'm a little gal again....  I was once daddy's little gal, just like Monique is today...  so dad got half of the cake and hubby got the other half...

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