Friday, November 26, 2010

White Christmas & Dark Chocolate Walnut Truffles - School Cake Stall

State Election day tomorrow.  The boy's school is normally set up for the booth on election days and parents are usually asked to bring some home baked / cooked goodies for the school's election cake stall, for fund raising.

It can be hard for varieties as we can't bring anything with fresh cream, meat etc, as the school hasn't got refrigration for the cake stall.

This time, I've decided on the White Christmas - which is a nice and easy slice during the festive season.  And some dark chocolate truffles (hmm, simple ones this time, I know chocolate always sell in the school cake stall) with dark chocolate ganache and diced roasted walnuts.

Thanks Amanda and Debbie from Exclusively Food for the yummie and easy White Christmas recipe.

It's really easy to make and makes a nice plate with the dark chocolate truffles (rolled in dutched cocoa powder)!

Please refer to the detailed recipe on Exclusively Food if you would like to make the White Christmas Slices, it's great for afternoon tea, gifts etc....
You will need:
Glace cherries, dried apricot, sultanas, rice bubbles, desiccated coconut, Copha, milk powder and pure icing sugar for this recipe.
I'm not aware of replacement for Copha, but it is a vegetable shortenning based on coconut oil. 
Other items might work:
Mixed fruit with peels, chopped marshmallows, crushed nuts, what ever fancies you and fit with the Christmas theme!
For the Dark chocolate truffles:
250g dark chocolate - 70% cocoa.
150ml double cream
80g roast crushed walnut
Dutched Cocoa Powder to roll...
There are some left overs for the family.

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