Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Truffle Load of Confusion.... But... They Like it.

I'm updating this post because I thought I had a cooking diaster, but turned out these truffles are well received by crowd....

Yesterday I wrote:
"Sometimes I really need to remind myself, less is more.  Truffle mistake.

Alright, this is what I had to face today.  A precious lesson learnt.
Starts off as a busy week for cooking - finally get my lazy butt back into the kitchen.  And of course, I got lazy again and try to do less, even when there's a task ahead.
Tomorrow, there's a morning tea at work and each of us will bring something to work.  I normally bring home made items and we usually think, shop bought stuff is not really that much of effort.  Work morning tea is the time for us to share our cooking, culinery backgrounds etc etc etc.
And there's the first pre-summer heat wave.  So I said to hubby, I'm not gonna bake.  So, I decided to make truffles.  Should be easy.  But, I've decided to make it a bit more complicated than it should be.  I remember last time I brought the flourless chocolate cake to work, people mmentioned that it was very rich.  I thought, hmm, that would mean the pure ganache truffle will be somewhat too rich as well.  After a bit of googling, I've decided on these items:

300g Lindts Pistacho Filled Milk Chocolate (with almond cream) - somehow I thought they gonna make creamier and tastier ganache.
120ml cream
1/4 cup dessicated coconut
80g roasted chopped walnuts
40g rice bubbles...

My initial thought was to use the coconut as coating.  For some reason, I changed the mind whilst making the filling and added the whole lot to the filling.
Made the balls (as a firm believer of bigger the better, my truffles are on the bigger side of the truffle world),

and let it set in the freezer.
Melt some dark chocolate and coated the truffles (guess even I realised more milk chocolate will make them supa dupa sweet).

Taste test. 

I wasn't too happy about it, but there's no time to make another batch.  Just have to live with it, take them to work and hope for the best tomorrow... ark...
I guess the chocolate I used for the filling (not the traditional dark chocolate) is already a load of flavours, and then I added so many more.  It's definitely too much, and too much confusion.

Next time, keep it simple, and keep it the normal truffle size.
Will definitely make more truffles in this festive season.  "

I took the truffles to work as planned. They were all gone and people kept telling me, you should definitely make them again!  well, maybe I need a new set of taste buds?  Oh well.

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