Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's Play Dough Time again.... Steamed Vegetarian Buns and Rye Sourdough

We had a day off yesterday, Melbourne Cup Day.

By the time we rememberred this is a day for horse racing, and switched on Tele, we just managed to catch a glance of Fashion on the Field (despite the rain, the ladies still look glamorous) and the race for the Cup was already over.  For me, the Cup has always been all about fashion, horses? Huh?  Oh no, I'd never actually go to the race myself, wouldn't really suffer the crowd and travelling through crowded public transport in sky high stilettos...  And this year's Cup Day weather just proved that I didn't need to gt drenched to enjoy the scene of the beautiful outfits.

We were not invited to any parties this year, no cup sweeps or other games.  So for my day off as just another normal day, apart from weeding in the garden, I turned to the doughs....  I do love yeast I guess.

Rye Sourdoughs and sweet egg loaf...
The rye sourdoughs before second proofing:

and Steamed Vegetarian Buns (fillings made by bok choi, shiitake, dry tofu etc).   Also made some "silver thread" steamed rollss for fun.
The super white Bao Flour was actually very light and fluffy after the first proofing..
One cut corner method is to use the patty cases from the shop, saving me cutting out baking paper.  Nice and easy.
They are much bigger after second proofing and steaming on high heat....

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  1. Wow! I love your steamed buns, they have such smooth skin!