Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rise & Shine! November Daring Cook's Challenge - Chocolate Souffle

Souffles.... The minute I saw the challenge this month, put out by Dave & Linda from Monkey Shines in the Kitchen, I've decided on the Chocolate Souffle.

Please refer to Dave & Linda's PDF recipe for more different types of souffles, I actually used the chocolate souffle recipe as well as Gordon Ramsay's recipe, but cut back to just enough for 4 and half - I thought the 3 year old would be happy to have the baby one, and I was so wrong about that....

So it's basically about half of what Ramsay uses in quantity in his recipe, and I used 2 egg yolks, 4 egg whites.

The souffles were yummy and went very quickly with the crowd....

100g orange intense Lindt's Dark Chocolate with 70% cocoa,
2 Egg Yolks
10g corn flour
100ml milk
Till it's smooth and silky

4 Egg whites, whisked till peak with 75g caster sugar.

Fold the egg whites into the chocolate creme patissiere.
Ramekins brushed with melted butter (always have to make sure the directions are correct when brushing, upwards) and dusted with cocoa powder.

Top up the ramekins with the souffle mix, level it with a knife or spatula, and I ran my thumb around the edge....
And then 12 minutes in pre-heated 190C oven.
Unfortunately my mango sorbet wasn't ready on time for the serving...

 The baby size one was made in an espresso cup...
and that one is yummy as well....


  1. Once again, I am going to just leave making souffles to the professionals and seat back and enjoy the fruit of their labour lol! Great job!

  2. Thanks Jeannie! it's not that hard... was a good challenge, had fun.

  3. What a great blog!
    here is so many inspirations

    have a nice time,

  4. Wow, these pictures make me want to be a Daring Cook as well as a Daring Baker! I have a question: How did you know your espresso cup was oven proof?

  5. I must say this is the best daring cook challenge so far, I do prefer the daring baker challengers better. See, I've got a choice between sweet and savory and instantly, we went - sweet! ah, never thought about if the espresso cup is oven proof or not, just assumed all china ware are... the recipe did say you can use mugs and coffee cups, I wouldn't use glass ware. It's not really high heat anyway.