Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ginger and Shallots Mud Crab with Home Made Noodles In Clay Pot

I love mud crab, especially the Darwin mud crabs.
They are in season now and very nice...
We always have it in the restaurant the very common ginger and spring onion version over noodles, so I made some today at home.

For noodles, just used the pasta method, 200g plain flour with 2 eggs, a pinch of salt and used my pasta maker....

For the Crab:

2 cloves of garlic
2 Knobs of ginger, juvienned.
1 small bunch of spring onions – cut in 1” length stripes.
1 whole mud crab
¼ cup Light soy sauce
1 tbsp Rice wine – Cantonese style, bit like sake.
Sugar to taste
2 tbsp Tapioca
Home made noodles – boiled, to serve

Freeze mud crab for 30 minutes to num it, cut open and clean.
Chop mud crab in chunks, lightly coat with 2/3 of tapioca flour and pepper. Set up wok with plenty of oil, to deep fry.
Take crabs out as soon as the colour slightly turn. Reduce amount of oil in wok.
Put ginger and garlic in the wok in high heat to brown slightly.
Add crab back to wok, stir well, add soy, salt and rice wine, use rest of tapioca and a bit of water to make a very thin paste, add to wok.
Add sugar and spring onion, and stir, cook for 2 minutes or till crab is just cooked.
Prepare in clay pot boiled noodles that have been drained.
Add crab on top of the noodles in the clay pot.

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