Sunday, July 10, 2011

Preserving Season again - Grapefruit Marmalade

Preserving season again... from home produce.

We have a good producing lemon tree and a grapefruit tree, with plenty of water this year, they have been doing extremely well.

I've used a lot of lemons this year, lemon curd, preserved lemon and lots of lemon cakes.  I have been giving lemons away, neighbours, friends, people at work.

What do I do with the grapefruits?

I have been juicing them, but I thought I have read from somewhere, that they are alright to be made into marmalades.

Checked a few recipes, I think I'm alright, although I don't think the skin is very nice, so I used orange peel intead.

I didn't measure to the exact, but roughly, about 1.5kgs cleaned grapefruit chunks, peeled, cut off as much of the white bits of the skin, and de-pitted and middle tough bits cut away.
2kgs of sugar
cleaned and sliced peels of 3 small oranges
1/2 cup of light corn syrup
2 tbsp maple syrup - I might be too hooked onto the maple flavour
1.5 cup of water
25g of Jam Setta (with Pectin)

The fruits were very juicy and didn't need a lot of water.  I boiled the water with the fruit first and then add sugar as I go.  Then the other flavours.  After it boiled down and almost ready, I stirred in the Jam Setta.

End up with 3 big jars (around 500g each) of marmalade.  I did use the recycled bottles, boiled the lids and bottles to get rid of the germs etc.  Once boiled and cooled, press down the top button of the lid, and it's sealed as the pop top stayed down...

Preserving is really easy, and home made jams are much tastier..


  1. Looks yummy. My grams used to do this. It is so good.I am afraid of canning. Always terrified I will do it wrong and kill us all. Weird but true. I did it once and was so paranoid I would not eat the stuff. I should try again. I love homemade stuff.

  2. No doubt homemade jams are so much better than store bought and this marmalade looks delicious.This post really makes it look easy-thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the bottles. I have always wanted to make marmalade but was a bit nervous. You make it seem like there is nothing to it. I may give it a whirl. LOVE the bottle recycling, too. I do that myself!