Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Potato Gratin for Roast Chicken

My favourite potato side dish, is a gratin.

It's everything against the waistline, but it's just soooo good.

Simple, tasty, creamy, and you don't need to do much if you serve it with a roast, the creamy sauce from the gratin, is a great compliment to the roast, especially for simple roasts like a roast chicken, goes well with the white sauce.

My favourite gratin recipe, simple easy one, has always been Neil Perry's version.

500g potatoes thinly sliced.
Melt some butter and grease the baking tray (I used a quiche dish)
Lay the slices nicely and evenly on the tray, spread a bit of salt and pepper once each layer is done.
Lay potatos just under the top of the tray. 
Put on some dulops of butter and pour over around 250ml of fresh cream, just enough to cover the potatoes.
Some times, I spread on a bit of mozerella cheese but this time, I reckon this is rich enough.

In 140C oven for about an hour, and mean time, roast the chicken.

Chicken was washed and cleaned and left uncoverred in the fridge overnight.  Rub on some salt and olive oil.

Serve with steamed greens.

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  1. This looks sooooooo good! Sinfully delicious :-) I should make a trip to you Down Under and come over for dinner! I love anything with potatoes!