Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Noodle Hands - July 2011 Daring Cook's Challenge Take 2 - Noodles Chinese Style

They say noodles originated from China.

Nowadays, most Chinese style noodles are not home made - for home cooks.  Even when we do dumplings, we can buy the dumpling skins.

However, home made noodles are nicer even though they are time consuming.

There are a lot of varieties of Chinese noodles, this time, I started off some very simple water and flour dough, and used the same dough to make some stretch noodles and pot stickers.

400g flour
300ml water
a pinch of salt

From a soft dough, knead till elastic and let it rest for an hour or so, till it's more pliable.

Dust the bench top with dry flour and roll the dough into a long stick, cut small chunks out and roll out the dumpling skins.  The skins should roll out when turning around, making sure the outer sides are thinner.  Add in the filling (pork mince, Chinese chive, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, salt, pepper, light soy sauce and a bit of rice wine) and make small dumplings.  Dust more dry flour at the bottom and let it sit.

It is time consuming to make the dumplings, especially making the skin as I go, making the dumplings.

I have explained how to cook pot stickers in earlier posts.

I left 1/3 of the dough for the noodles, just roll out as thin as I can, both sides dusted with dry flour, and cut, stretch.  Dust in more dry flour.

The youngest wasn't a big fan of pot stickers, so I just made some simple noodle soup with peas and egg for her.

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  1. Oh my yumminess!! I love homemade noodles... my mom used to make them all the time and they were nothing like the store-bought stuff.