Sunday, June 26, 2011

Perfect Roast Pork Means Perfect Crackling

What's the best part of the roast pork?  Both hubby and the girls say... the crackling, the super crispy, crunchy, fatty crackling... As a matter of fact, they'd hope the whole roast has only got cracklings.

Over the years, I've been avoiding roast porks as I haven't been able to achieve the best crackling, most of the time, I get some part good crackling, but not all.  I tried quite a few different recipes.

So when I started this roast pork leg today, I didn't really try at all.  I have been doing my roast in slow ovens lately so I started slow for the pork as well. 

Rub the scored skin with salt, cracked black pepper and olive oil and in the 125 Oven.  It's not a big piece of the leg, just around a kilo, so it took around 1 hour and half.  After that, I cranked the oven to 220C.

After around 30 minutes, amazingly, I got the perfect crackling... all over.

The only complaint was... not enough crackling..  again?  Maybe next time I should buy pork skin only.

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  1. i just watched Martha Grilling show the other night-she had a guy roast a pig in one of those boxes. When she was serving she said she will just continue to eat the crispy crackly skin-it is addictive. Glad yours came out great.