Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm Back in Business - Finally!

Who'd thought, that after so many loaves of simple white bread for the children's school lunch, I'd totally flop?

It's actually embarrassing...  Mum calls me arrogant sometimes, when I insist on baking my own loaves for the children, and wouldn't give that up for anything...  However, sometimes, things don't always go the way I want them to go....

Basically, I timed the proofing of the dough wrong last week end, and after the first attemp that the loaf is over proofed, I quickly started another one, however, I didn't take into consideration that it's still summer, even weather was cool, and we had to be away for the day, visiting my mother in law.  When I came back, the dough looked funny, and after 3 more hours, there's no way I could save it, and I wasted so much time...  At 11:30pm, I quickly asked hubby to go to the local Woollies and get a loaf of white bread for the school lunch next day, there was no lunch orders in school canteen on Mondays...

But the tide has turned... Finally, the third week into the school lunches, I got a good loaf...

There's nothing magical in the dough, just a plain loaf:
7g yeast
260ml water
pinch of salt
30 ml olive oil
400g bread flour.

It's not always easy to juggle for baking, but it's always good to provide kids with home baked goodies with no preservatives and I know what's in it!

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