Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's First Sourdough Loaf

I haven't baked all that much during the holidays...  I mean, my days off from work.
We've got renovation of the house to worry about, extensions, swimming pool, rumpus room, family room etc etc and my new kitchen....

And it has been hot.  It hasn't been as hot as previous years but still, it's summer, my usual non baking season. 

But I miss my bread.

So I took the starter from the fridge, and started a dough again... and because of the warm weather, it was proofing a lot faster.

I didn't measure it precisely, I just want to feel the dough as I go, so roughly:
400g strong bread flour
120g 100% hydrated sourdough starter
pinch of salt
250ml water
35 ml olive oil

And it's a nice fluffy loaf...


  1. I am a big fan of natural levain bread...yours look great! I am thinking of using it to make a great sandwich for lunch tomorrow!

  2. Thanks angie, your bread has always been great....