Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sourdough Ham & Cheese Rolls

I love making sourdoughs, and whenever I can, I use the same method.  So most of the savory breads, rolls etc I make, are sourdough.

This time, I used honey glazed leg ham, thinly sliced, and shredded tasty cheese, ground black pepper, and some dry herbs.

They came out really nice and very simple to make.

I used 1/3 finely ground whole meal flour, so:
200g strong bread flour
100g whole meal flour
2 tsp salt
100g 100% sourdough starter
200g liquid, 170g water and 30g extra virgin olive oil.
2g dry instant yeast.

I rolled out the dough into a rectangular sheet and spreaded the ham and cheese and the herbs.

Fold up into a long log, cut and make a twist.

Used a bit of egg wash.

And they came out as nice as usual.

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  1. Beautiful! Looks so simple but I bet I would find it difficult to shape!