Friday, October 8, 2010

ah... Sourdough....

Honestly, the holiday was great and we do miss home.

The boy missed his pasta and I missed my bread.

They have nice cute breads in China. Creamy Buttery enough, but not sourdough.

They have pasta there as well, but maybe Americanised a bit? not sure, bit like their pizza there... Not quite the same.  I can't tell our friends there that Pizza Hut really don't make anything like our good old wood fire oven pizzas.  Pizza Americana with a local twist?  hehe.  The boy tried the local pasta and he didn't like it. 

Alright, so we went on a pasta binge since we came back - well, 3 days ago.

And, yesterday, I went back on my sourdough...

Just a simple dough:

300g plain flour
70g whole meal flour (I forgot about it, otherwise I'd add more whole meal)
20g polenta
200g water
110g sourdough starter (100% hydrated)
50g olive oil
pinch of salt

My daughter helped me with the dough.... the 3 year old hasn't really got the strength it takes, but she surely tried her hardest....

I made them into smaller rolls and when they are ready, baked them in the hotted oven...

After 12 minutes...

Pull apart and had some with slice of double brie melting on top...

Hmm..... I AM HOME!

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