Friday, September 16, 2011


Thanks to Peta from Peta Eats, I found a super easy way to do a lovely consomme.

All 3 methods, traditional egg white, gelatine, freezer, and meal supplements, can be found on this Darking Kitchen's Official Recipe on PDF.  Keep it, it will come in handy when you need to do an effort free WOW entree or meal etc...

Nothing exciting about my beef stock and soup, the normal stuff I make all the time.
Chuck steak, a couple of beef ribs, onions, black pepper, button mushrooms, white wine (I didn't want a dark stock), parsley stems, bay leaves.

I make beef stock a fair bit, use the beef in my curries or other stews, this time in pies, and use the stock separately.

Due the renovation happenning at home, I wasn't able to do a lot of cooking, so the freezing methods suit me.  And it works.  After defrosting in the fridge for a day, you can see clearly it's seperating...

I have a very fine siev, that I use instead of mousseline cloth sometimes, I have packed a few items and trying to live with the bare minimum.

And it's just easy to get the clear clear soup...

Will add some dumplings to it? 

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  1. Oh wow! I'm so impressed! I'm never able to get a fully clear liquid and therefore, it's never a traditional consomme. Thanks for sharing!