Thursday, September 8, 2011

Home Made Strawberry Yoghurt

I go through my phrases with cooking - I'm definitely not cooking as much lately, as much as I want to.

The thought that I have to pack up everything in the kitchen in a few weeks time does stress me out quite a bit.  I'm trying to use up everything I have in the pantry, and not to increase new ingredients.  It's just too easy for me to pick up bits and pieces for some one off dishes and keep the rest to use later, and end up, having quite a bit of left overs in the pantry.  Some of the items I do use quite frequently.  Like all different types of flour, self raising, chick pea, polenta, semolina, tapioca, whole meal, rye....  They do end up in different jars and containes, and all different types of sugars and syrups etc etc etc.... argg.... the panic of packing!

So the strategy is trying not to replace the item used, including every day items like cheese, butter, flour, I don't mean don't replace any, but reduce to just one type of every major category, so by the time I have to pack up the pantry for the worker to do the demolishing work, it will be easier.

But that also means I have to cook a bit less of varieties of things until my new kitchen's in, which is about a month and 2 weeks away.....

However, there are a few items I'd like to keep it going, including the yoghurt, and the sourdough.  I have to keep the yoghurt culture alive as well as the sourdough starter.  They are my babies, although I haven't really named them yet!

I bought some tubs of strawberries for the children's school lunch box. There were some left so I decided to make some strawberry yoghurts.

It's simple.  Add 1 cup sugar, 2 tbsp water to half tub (around 100g-125g) of cleaned strawberries, bring it to boil on stove top, let it simmer for a few minutes to maximise the strawberry taste in the syrup.

My children don't like the actual fruit in their yoghurt so I took the cooked strawberries out leaving just the strawberry syrup.

The rest steps are the same as making any other yoghurt.

Bring 1 lt full cream fresh milk to boil, I usually let it simmer for 10-15 minutes, let it cool to 110F or 43.6C, add the strawberry syrup to cooled milk, and 2 tbsp of warm plain yoghurt, leave it in the thermo pot to keep the heat over night.

Home made yoghurt are nicer with all the fresh ingredients.


  1. Wow I’ve never made homemade yoghurt before! I’m I correct that all you need is some plain yogurt in some milk to make your own? Or is there another way to cultivate yoghurt culture?

  2. Wow! I’ve never made homemade yoghurt before! Thanks for sharing.