Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brioche with A Espresso Chocolate Cake Twist

A cakey bread or a bready cake?

Something I did when I can't decide what to bake.

Bread or cake....

This is done on a sheet of brioche dough, I used whole egg with milk so it's a bit toned down simple brioche, and a layer of espresso chocolate butter cake batter, rolled up and cut into scrolls, proofed again and baked into little cup cakes.

Brushed on a bit of egg wash on the bread sheet.

So, do you call it a cake, or a bread roll?


  1. Hm.. Cakebreadrolls :)) They look amazing!

  2. What’s in a name =) It looks delish!!

  3. These look incredible and would be even great for breakfast in the morning!! Love this! :)

  4. These look awesome, especially because I love brioche. What a creative idea to zip up the flavor. Well done.